Subject got cobol okay now in gpre - what about ICU?

You must use /usr/bin/gmake to build ICU.

If the result of the above commands looks okay to you, go to the directory

source in the ICU distribution to build ICU. Please remember that ICU needs

GNU make to build properly...

I am just doing maybe UTF8 for characterset. Do I even need ICU if that is all that I use? Configure didn't work with ICU in the source distro for 2.5.7.x

thx. - jim

The Firebird2 package has been configured with the following options:

                   Architecture : ClassicServer

                          Debug : disabled

                    Raw devices : enabled

                   Service name : gds_db

                   Service port : 3050

                   GPRE modules : c_cxx.cpp cob.cpp rmc.cpp