Subject gpre support for a language - no source for 2.5.x ?


I am looking at firebird downloads and I don't see where they have a source built with a configure script for linux for 2.5.x or maybe I am not looking in the right place.

I found a source build for windows but couldn't get it to build with cygwin.

So now I am checking out to see if linux works but I don't have the source build for linux with configure scripts. I saw on github where they had a source build but I thought it was for the bleeding edge cutting version. I will go see if I can find a source but so far no luck.

I have to issue the commands:

./configure –with-gpre-cobol 


the talk at gnucobol is whether it is already built for cobol with gpre or I have to tell it to build for that language. I read where gpre works for C/C++ out of the box but there is a question whether it works for cobol out of the box too and thus the need for the source build to try this out.

thx. so much for any tips. - jim