Subject UDF and server crashes on linux
Author Michal Kurczabinski
Tested on FB 2.5.7 and 3.02 ubuntu_x64 14.04 (two different machines);
On windows fbx64 works ok.

udf return integer by value.

more than 2 connections to db
sql : select count(*) from table where validfield(field) = 1 on each connection
table with > 2 milions record

udf written in object pascal ( no memory leaks and other problems)

other implementation this udf in C++ works fine on linux and windows...

[Thread 0x7fa737789700 (LWP 28692) exited]
[New Thread 0x7fa737789700 (LWP 28693)]
[New Thread 0x7fa736dd7700 (LWP 28694)]
[New Thread 0x7fa73603f700 (LWP 28698)]
An unhandled exception occurred at $00007FA736178E2C:
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Michał Kurczabiński