Subject FB3 - Limbo and consistency check
Author Gabor Boros
Hi All,

I created a test data generator for my application.
Start transaction, execute SP1, execute SP2 in random 1-10 times,
commit. Start transaction, execute SP3, commit. SP1 and SP2 just insert
data to the database but SP3 is more complex thing. The application
works (do the above things in a loop) as expected. But if close it
improperly, at the next start sometimes work as expected, sometimes got
one from the next two error messages:

record from transaction x is stuck in limbo

internal Firebird consistency check (limbo impossible (184), file:
vio.cpp line: 2379)

I don't understand why. Use Firebird from 0.94 and never meet whit this
limbo things before. My application started in one instance only, use
one database and only one transaction running at same time.

I use the latest 3.x snapshot(, SuperServer and Linux 64bit.

Any idea?