Subject FirebirdSQL 3 VMWare Windows

Dear All

I wonder if anybody can shed some light on this matter.

I have setup a VMWare player under my Windows 10.

I installed ubuntu 16.04 TLS linux under the VMWare.

It runs fine.

I installed FirebirdSQL 3 server & client under Windows 10 and under ubuntu ( which run under VMWare ).

I can connect from isql to my Windows 10 server, but I can not connect to the server under ubuntu.

The ubuntu server runs with bridged network ( instead of NAT ), so it has different IP address with my Windows 10 host.

Using the same username/password, I can connect from isql-fb under ubuntu, but I can not connect from isql under Windows 10 host machine.  Ubuntu has its ip address

connect "" user "SYSDBA" password 'monyet'; 

returns : 

Statement failed, SQLSTATE=28000

Your user name and password are not defined.  Ask your database administrator to set up a Firebird login.

Help please ?