Subject Hint for maximaze FB performance, CPU Utilization - again.
Hi guys,

I am using FB 3.02 in Superserver mode.

During my development - only single connection to FB Server, I do a lots of query. Each query took about 25-30 secs to complete, but CPU Utilization only used at around 16% on my six cores computer.
On Ryzen 7 with 16 threads, I believe CPU utilization for FB is only 6%.

Are there any hints to set Firebird to use more cpu's power?

I think FB distributed works load based on number of cores. Each load divided equally on cores. So if there are 4 cores, each load/connection gets 1/4 cpu utilization.

It will great if FB can distribute work load based on connection, first connection gets 100% cpu utilization, second connection, each one, get 50% cpu utilization, so on.

Btw, on SuperClassic FB 2.5 & no of connection +/- 100, I rarely saw cpu utilization raised up to 90% during heavy process. Mostly it was aroung 50-60% CPU Utilization.

Thanks & regards,