Subject FB 2.5.2 has a better query plan than FB 3.0.2
Hello guys,

Just want to inform that FB 2.5.2, mostly have a better query plan than FB 3.0.2.

I have 2 PCs, A & B, both have Win 7 x64 and almost identical hardware.

On PC A, FB SC 2.5.2 installed, on PC B, SS 3.0.2 installed.

Query on PC A, that process about 150K records, retrieved about 19 secs.

Backup database on PC A and restored it on PC B and run same query on PC B, it took about 44 secs to finished.

The different is because FB 3.0.2 took different plan than FB 2.5.2.

Tested again on FB 3.0.2, but this time applied query plan from FB 2.5.2, it took about 19 secs, same with FB 2.5.2.

It seem that FB 2.5.2 has a better query plan than FB 3.0.2, in fact it has also better than other newer version such as FB 2.5.7.

Keep in mind that this test was not took intensively, it was only observe during real time usage, since I have FB 2.5.2 & FB 3.0.2 runs at the same time.