Subject Re: [firebird-support] Help: firebird and apache Processes doesn't die
Author Aldo Caruso


    thanks for your answer.

    I see two firebird processes, and I'm sure there is no real user connected, as apache server is down.

    How could I find out whether CACHE_WRITER and GARBAGE_COLLECTOR processes are active ?



El 10/01/17 a las 11:50, 'Paul Beach' pabeach@... [firebird-support] escribió:

<<I tested it many times: after stopping Apache server, the quantity of Firebird processes decrease to 2, but the memory isn't
released. Running "top -u firebird" command displays a lot of memory ( nearly 2 GBytes ) consumed by Firebird.
Is this a bug in Firebird Super Server or it was designed this way ?>>

SuperServer wil hold cached data as long as any connections exist. Only when the last "real" user disconnects
from the database will the cache be cleared.

Which two users are still connected to the database? CACHE WRITER and GARBAGE COLLECTOR?
If so then these should also finish with the last user connection.