Subject Help: firebird and apache Processes doesn't die
Author Aldo Caruso

I'm using Firebird 2.5 Super server, PHP 5.5 and Apache2 on Ubuntu 14.04

As I start apache server, and the web site gets visits, apache
processes start to grow as well as firebird processes ( one per second
), nearly without limit. The memory consumption also increases. After a
few seconds my site is unresponsive.

If I stop apache, firebird processes don't decrease immediately as
expected, but only after a minute they jump from the high quantity (for
example 150) to 2 processes. Nevertheless, firebird doesn't release the

In my php scripts every ibase_pconnect sentence has it corresponding
ibase_close sentence, inside a try statement.

Any idea about why apache processes keep alive and also why they
don't free firebird processes ?

( I'm in a hurry, because my site is not working )

Thanks in advance for any help.