Subject Re: [firebird-support] Insert SQL Deadlock Issue
Author Vishal Tiwari
Just checked in the code Transaction components are used. Sorry for mistake.

On Wednesday, 4 January 2017 5:40 PM, "Vishal Tiwari vishualsoft@... [firebird-support]" <> wrote:

Hi All,

 At production department, we are receiving below errors, not for all times, but frequently. We tried looking into code and found that there is a very simple insert statement which might cause that issue. Because functionality executes that Insert statement. 

Wondering how to resolve that issue, because as a developer we are not able to reproduce these error at least once.

We are using Delphi 6 and Firbird version is 2.5.2. I found that Transaction component in Delphi is not used while executing the SQL.

Error 1:
There was an error processing this cancellation on main server.
lock conflict on no wait transaction
update conflicts with concurrent update
requires both input and output filenames 

Error 2:
There was an error RaiseFees.
Unable to complete network request to host "<Our Server Name>".
Error writing data to the connection.
unknown Win32 error 10054

Error 3:
validation error for column VAT, value "*** null ***"
                -sql_dialect         set database dialect n

Please help in this regards, as it seems deadlock issue.

Trying hard to get the solution.

With Best Regards.