Subject Re: Re: [firebird-support] Is it possible to insert Image via sql stament?
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Is it possible to insert image into FB database directly via sql stament using isql or flamerobin?



Hi, yes it is possible with FlameRobin.

  1. Insert a new record in the normal way (for example, right click on the table, select "Browse data" and Grid->Insert row).
  2. Now in the "Data" area of the window you will have a "[null]" in the column containing your blob field.
  3. Right click on this [null] and there will be an option "Import BLOB from file".
  4. Pick the image file you want to insert and the "[null]" will change to "[BINARY]".
  5. Commit the insert and the image should be in your database.

Note: If you want to view the image, right click on the "[BINARY]" text and choose "Save BLOB to file..."

Hope this helps.

by clear SQL it is also possible for smaller images using hex notation
in FB3 command can by at 10MB length
Karol Bieniaszewski