Subject Re: [firebird-support] Is it possible to insert Image via sql stament?
Author Mike Ro
On 27/09/2016 04:22, trskopo@... [firebird-support] wrote:

Is it possible to insert image into FB database directly via sql stament using isql or flamerobin?

Hi, yes it is possible with FlameRobin.
  1. Insert a new record in the normal way (for example, right click on the table, select "Browse data" and Grid->Insert row).
  2. Now in the "Data" area of the window you will have a "[null]" in the column containing your blob field.
  3. Right click on this [null] and there will be an option "Import BLOB from file".
  4. Pick the image file you want to insert and the "[null]" will change to "[BINARY]".
  5. Commit the insert and the image should be in your database.
Note: If you want to view the image, right click on the "[BINARY]" text and choose "Save BLOB to file..."

Hope this helps.