Subject Monitor Firebird with OpenNMS
Good day,

I'm a community member of OpenNMS[1] and I also use it at work to
monitor our environment. We also use Firebird 2.5, but in a very small
scenario (and a little faltering)... I'm always interested to connect
together OpenSource projects so I heard the call of duty to create an
OpenNMS datacollection for Firebird databases. All the more if I have a
both systems in access.
OpenNMS is able to use JDBC, we have already a JDBC Monitor[2] and JDBC
StoredProcedure Monitor[3] and OpenNMS is able to collect time series
data over JDBC. So it should be easy to access the Firebird database and
collect data using the Jaybird driver.

I already found out, that Firebird provides monitoring tables[4]. It
seems, they should give really good information. And that is my problem.
I don't have much database know how, so I'm not able to decide, which
data is worth beeing collected / monitored. To be honest, my hope is,
that some people here can provide universal SQL queries for statistics
and/or fault management purposes.

But I'm glad for any other help, too.

Thanks a lot and have a nice weekend!