Subject FB 3.0 + ODBC
This is a message to the development team, including all testers,
documenters, project management, etc

After almost 14 years using Firebird (from version 1 candidate release 3)
until today, with FB 3 migration just finalized on Tuesday night this week,
with 3 databases (100Mb, 7GB and 70Gb) serving multiple Apps (7+) with
mutliple users (30+ concurrent); and after been warned against jumping on
FB3, with some reasonable concerns, we are ABSOLUTELLY delighted to see the
results on FB3, in production. We can only be gratefull to the FB
development team, the product ROCKS! We have tried to "disturb" the server
by runnning backup and restore of other databases in parallel while users
are online, we have even started in parallel multiple restore of mutliple
databases on the side while the system is being accessed by 20 users, and
the performance and response is outstanding. For those who want to know our
config is:

DL 380 G7 Dual 12 core processor server, with 192 GB ram, 3.5 TB Raid 6; 512
cache on raid.
Windows standard 2012 R2 64 bits.
ODBC 2.04 (firebird)
Firebird 3.0 64 bits (snapshot 9/9/16)
All apps running compiled with Clarion 9.1

I would not consider MS SQL even if MS pays me to change.

Well done Dev team