Subject Problem querying MON$STATEMENTS table



I have a problem when i querying the MON$STATEMENS table on Server 2.5.5 and also 2.5.6


Do the follow steps:

Open a connection to the database, then start a transaction an open a table to show the content and keep it open/active Now run the follow statement "SELECT * FROM MON$STATEMENS"

The Row that should shows you the active query are not correct!

The column MON$STATE shows allways Zero and also the columns MON$TRANSACTION_ID and MON$TIMESTAMP are also allways NULL!!

The Server 3.0.1 are not affected on this problem.


The follow databases with charset are not working (tested) NONE, WIN1250, ISO8859_1


A database with charset WIN1251 are working well.



May this could be a bug.



Best Regards