Subject Re: [firebird-support] "File Database is not found" error appears while the database is been backup with gbak
To Make it perfectly clear, the following statment works:
gbak -b -v -z -user SYSDBA -pas Hello-2 -T  localhost:DB_FB3.fdb c:\Temp\DB.Fbk
And the following DOES NOT work:
gbak -b -v -z -user SYSDBA -pas 'Hello-2 -T'  localhost:DB_FB3.fdb c:\Temp\DB.Fbk   (note the quotes enclosing the password)
However the following does work:
gbak -b -v -z -user SYSDBA -pas 'Hello-2 -T'  DB_FB3.fdb c:\Temp\DB.Fbk   (note I removed localhost: and the quotes enclosing the password are still there but the server is working in embebed mode instead of super server)