Subject "File Database is not found" error appears while the database is been backup with gbak
I just upgraded to FB 3 and the server has a task scheduled after midnight to execute gbak for all 3 databases on the server.
I've noticed the database connection attempts fail during the gbak execution. Is this a new "restriction" on gbak FB3?
The specifics:
gbak with version WI-V3.0.1.32591 Firebird 3.0, server taken from snapshots two days ago.
the gbak sentence is:
gbak -b -v -z -user SYSDBA -pas 'mypasshere' -T -Y c:\Database\FB-Backups\Backup_Main_DB.log  Main_DB_FB3.fdb c:\Database\FB-Backups\Main_DB.Fbk
the ODBC test feature responds "file database is not found" while gbak is running, then it goes back to working fine.
And if gbak requires full exclusive access then what can I do to run a 24x7 system and have backups every so often without shutting down the system for a few minutes?