Subject Problems after FB3 upgrade
Author Tony Christiansen

My client needed a server rebuild after a ransomware attack so I took
the opportunity to upgrade from FB2.5 to FB3. My client application is
Delphi using IBX components.

Now they are experiencing repeated crashes with an array of exceptions
- the most common being "Error writing data to the connection" and
"invalid transaction handle (expecting explicit transaction start)"
mostly on select queries.

The client is about 30 users accessing 6 different databases.

The FB server also locks up (ie service still running but no response)
about once a day (which never happened with v2.5 over years) which
requires a service restart.

Is it possible to downgrade a FB3 database back to FB2.5? (Googling
suggests not as gbak seems version specific)

I have googled but can find nothing on the "Error writing data to the
connection error" - does that come from the client dll or the server?

Thanks for any ideas.