Subject Number of Firebird Users
Author Alain Bastien
How many concurrent users may be created and connect to a FireBird database on such a Server ?

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On Fri, Aug 19, 2016 at 4:06 PM, Jack Cane jwcane@... [firebird-support] <> wrote:

Pleaea excuse if this is a repeated submission. I sent the eralier one p;rior to approval as a member of this list.

This long-time FireBird user is just returning to active use after some years' absence. Having a degree of difficulty remembering old techniques and routines.

Currently trying to create FDB on the iMac using FlameRobin and RazorSQL.

Some of my SQL scripts are failing but the causes are not clearly indicated. System seems to invite user to inspect syntax and make required changes. I'm reduced to guesswork: try this and see if it fixes the problem, etc. I guess what I am missing is a deZign-like tool that will create an error-free SQL script in the Apple-OSX environment, similarly to deZign in Windows. Alternatively, I'm wondering if there are other, better editing tools, 3rd-party products for use under OSX, i.e., "smart", "SQL-aware", etc., editors that guide/prompt the user toward acceptable SQL syntax.

I also have a vmWare Virtual Machine (Windows-7) running on the Mac, containing Firebird, FlameRobin, deZign, etc. Am trying a dual-track approach (i.e., Windows & OSX) to determine the best envronment to support my project. For other reasons it is a very attractive alternative to be able to generate/maintain the FDB on my Mac, if this can be made to work.

Any ideas appreciated.