Subject Re: AW: WG: [firebird-support] Firebird 3 encryption in the background
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> Need to come back to this. I can reproduce the behavior with flamerobin as client.
> Connect via the embedded client to a database start encryption, disconnect. I can see that a handle to the database
> is still opened by flamerobin even if disconnected and I can monitor the encryption progress via “gstat -e”.
> When the encryption is ready and no connection to the database is open then the hosting process will crash and burn.

If you are sure there is no database linger set and there is really no user conections - report a bug in tracker, please.

> Is there a way to stop/start the encryption progress?

Of course - no. But you may use the fact that background encryption thread pause itself while database
physical state is not "normal". I.e. when database file is locked for physical backup.