Subject AW: WG: [firebird-support] Firebird 3 encryption in the background
Author Ralf Jansen

Need to come back to this. I can reproduce the behavior with flamerobin as client.

Connect via the embedded client to a database start encryption, disconnect. I can see that a handle to the database is still opened by flamerobin even if disconnected and I can monitor the encryption progress via “gstat -e”.

When the encryption is ready and no connection to the database is open then the hosting process will crash and burn.


Is there a way to stop/start the encryption progress?


PS. If you get it twice, Sorry. Reposted as reaction to Helen’s post.


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Betreff: AW: WG: [firebird-support] Firebird 3 encryption in the background



Ok. What does that mean for embedded? The docs describe embedded as neither Super/Superclassic or Classic but as its own 4th model as of FB 3.0.
I closed all connection to the database while encrypting and encrypting was still going on(I assume it was still going on, I just saw still open filehandles to the db file). Do I need to unload the database somehow explicitly?

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Betreff: Re: WG: [firebird-support] Firebird 3 encryption in the background

02.08.2016 15:39, Ralf Jansen
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> But what about stopping/resuming the progress?

Encryption is stopped when database unloaded for superserver or at disconnect for classic. Encryption is resumed on any next attach.





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