Subject Problems with alphabetical order with German DIN 5007-2
Author Rothweiler pcheil


I'm a German developer and I need to sort UTF8-tables who contains names (for example: Michael Müller, Michael Mueller, Michael Muller) with German industry norm (DIN) called DIN 5007-2 like definition in Wikipedia or

  • In German letters with umlaut (Ä, Ö, Ü) are treated generally just like their non-umlauted versions; ß is always sorted as ss. This makes the alphabetic order Arg, Ärgerlich, Arm, Assistent, Aßlar, Assoziation. For phone directories and similar lists of names, the umlauts are to be collated like the letter combinations "ae", "oe", "ue" because a number of German surnames appear both with umlaut and in the non-umlauted form with "e" (Müller/Mueller). This makes the alphabetic order Udet, Übelacker, Uell, Ülle, Ueve, Üxküll, Uffenbach.

The first description is DIN 5007-1 (ä=a), the second is DIN 5007-2 (ä=ae). How can I use the second sort order? I've tried to install newer components for unicode (, decleared the new components in file fbintl.conf (icu_versions 5.0 default) and I've created a new collation from the existing collation UNICODE. Nothing worked.

What can I do?

Greetings from Karlsruhe/Germany - Frank