Subject Server reboot during Windows exe setup?
Author Stefan Heymann
Hello all,

I recently installed Firebird 2.5.6 x64 on a customer's machine
(Windows 2012 R2), using the Firebird installer from

During or after the installation of the Win32 components (at least
that's the last thing I've seen in my Remote Support session), the
server rebooted suddenly and without any pre-warning or any further
user inquiry. That was a production server and it was not funny.

After the reboot, the Firebird installation was not completed (the
service was neither installed nor started, even though that's what the
Checkboxes required).

Is there a remote chance that this reboot has anything to do with the
Firebird installation then went on at that very second? Can it be
related to the installation of the Win32 runtimes that was going on at
this time?



Stefan Heymann, Tübingen, Germany