Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Enable authorization for legacy Firebird clients
Author Helen Borrie
Friday, July 8, 2016, 5:12:58 PM, tomi.joki wrote:

> My point is that I have not created SYSDBA with masterke password
> and I still can connected database with these.

Yes - if you have chosen legacy authentication and the platform is
Windows, it is still exactly as it was in the legacy versions, right
back to InterBase times.

> "Note that you have two entries for User1, one for the SRP plugin
> and the other for the Legacy Authentication."
> Now I understand logic that there are 2 different user for SYSDBA
> but shouldnt firebird installer have second input for legacy authentication
> user creation.

It never did before. But you could enter an "improvement" item in
the Tracker, if you feel strongly about it.

> My worry is that someone install firebird with legacy authentication
> and don't change this user password afterwards.

Exactly - nothing has changed. The Windows installers for InterBase
and Firebird always worked that way. 'masterke' is well known in the
world and has been for two generations.

Firebird 3 tries very hard to break that tradition.