Subject Strange Behavior
Author Mihalache Bogdan



We have a 64 bits firebirds 2.5.2 SC server on a linux machine. The stange behavior that i don`t understrans is the following :

-          I`ve Used Database WorkBench to update a value in a table from 0 to 1.

-          I`ve commited the transaction and the new value was visible from my connection, with DWB and also with an ODBC connection when selecting the new value.

-          The new value that i`ve just updated was not visible for all the connections in the network, just for some of them. (all this connection are using ODBC to connect and SYSDBA as user.)

-          On the machines where the new values was not visible, i have restarted the connection (Close the App and ReOpend it), but still the old value was there, not the new one.


I think that there is problem with the separated caches of the server, as that value is read every time the App opens, and i`m guesing that it` s loading in there.

All the connections are using Read/Write Wait transactions.

This is a thing that i could actualy see and my fear is that it might not be an isolated case.

Is there something that i cand do to stop this in the future?


Thank you!