Subject Risks - Experience and doubts regarding upgrading to FB 3.0 from 2.54?
Author Fabian Ernesto Chocron
Hi Again

We are about to upgrade from Windows 2008 FB 2.54 64 bits into Windows
2012 R2 FB 3.0 64 bits, and would appreciate comments from experienced
DB administrators. We use FB as the main DB, and we access it via 32 bit
native ODBC (the latest version of Firebird ODBC).

I would appreciate if someone can give us a list of risks associated
with the upgrade upfront, I have read other posts where some issues were
experienced such as having to convert Stored Procedures and triggers and
views, but I am not sure why would that be, in our case we did a test
conversion to 3.0 and all SPs and Triggers and Views recompiled with no
issues, so I am not really sure if we are missing something or in our
case the problem does not apply because we have always used standard SQL
92 when writting SPs and Triggers.

Also any upfront advise would be highly appreciated.

From our point of view what we are after with the upgrade is:

1) Get parallel requests to be assigned to different CPUs, improving
performance when a big process is being executed by another user.

2) Be able to execute backups excluding some tables ( we read this is a
new feature)

3) Be able to use Nbackup very often, like every 20 minutes, without
killing the performance of the database, as it would run on an isolated
processor, we understand the HDD would still be under the pump, but we
estimate other system users will not be as affected as on FB 2.54
because of the SMP feature.

4) DB encryption, we are planning to use this feature

5) Communications encryption, we are also planning to use this feature.

6) More DB pages into ram cache under 64 bit server, we would like to
dedicate 96 GB ram to the DB cache, under FB 2.54 the limit was 131071
DB pages at 16KB each page, meaning 2GB ram per database.

Any comments are highly appreciated!