Subject FB 3 - SMP switched off ?

Hi All

First of all CONGRATS to all developers for the 3.0 project, the Firebird DB engine has been an excelent tool for us for more than a decade, and we do appreciate the efforts and great product the developing team has created!

Specifically to the SMP capable feature, we are not sure what is going on, but at least on our server it appears to be switched off, windows task manager shows only one processor doing the job, off course we set affinity to zero, so at least on the conf file it is correctly setup. Any ideas why the SMP is not activated?

We are using a HP DL 380 G5 2 x Xeon x5470, 32 GB ram, Windows 2008 server 64 bit, FB 64 bits, and the client side is still using the FB 2.54 32 bit client library and the latest firebird ODBC to connect to the database, would that have anything to do with it?