Subject Using LocalHost in FB 3.0

  We have a website that has been running over a decade on Firebird, starting with 1.0.3.   Running on Windows, IIS with an ISAPI dll written in Delphi.   We are in the process of upgrading to FB 3.0

  Using SuperServer in FB 1 we were required to use LocalHost:DatabaseName  for our connections.  Direct connections were said to be dangerous and not thread safe.

  So all of our ISAPI connections, and our batch files to backup and restore, etc. all used  localhost:DatabaseName.

  We just recently discovered that our GBAK restore time went from 5 hours down to 35 minutes if we removed LocalHost from the database name on GBAK.

  I am trying to determine if it is safe to remove LocalHost from our database connections in our ISAPI dll.    A quick test shows it works, but is it safe?

  Under Firebird 3.0 is there any reason to use localhost: vs just the database name? 

 Thanks for any tips.