Subject FB 3 and FreeeUDFLib

In earlier posts I asked for help as FreeUDFLib.dll was not working in my FB 3 installation. fbvlad gave me the answer "it requires gds32.dll" but I misunderstood his reply. I am using date and time functions in FreeUDFLib.

Looking at FreeUDFLib.dll in DependencyWalker shows it calls GDS32.dll. On the PC hosting my FB 3 test gds32.dll was not in windows <system> folder. Once GDS32.dll was placed in this folder the FreeUDFLib functions worked.

The function I tested with was F_YEAR(..). Before inserting GDS32.dll the error message was " ... function F_YEAR is not defined. module name or entry point could not be found." Reading  this I followed a misleading diagnostic path. 

Comments on the FB 3 Windows installation package:

In the FB 3 Windows installation exe it is possible to install GDS32.dll to avoid the error I had by checking 

"[ ] Generate client library GDS32.dll for legacy interbase support?"

This appears on the installation page "Select addittional tasks" under 

"[ ] Copy Firebird client library to <system> directory?"

Would a better question for the second action be 

"[ ] Copy library GDS32.dll for legacy interbase and firebird support?"

On the next "Install page" actions are reported as questions. Removing the trailing "?" would be helpful.