Subject AW: [firebird-support] Simply bad, new is not always better. FB3 and ODBC
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Hello Helen,

sorry for my phrase in English, I cannot describe the problems very perfect.

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Gesendet: Mittwoch, 11. Mai 2016 00:35
Betreff: Re: [firebird-support] Simply bad, new is not always better. FB3
and ODBC

>mpossible. The driver does not "write records". It simply processes a DML
request and passes that through the API to the server. And no Firebird
server can make the >results of an operation in a stored procedure available
to other transactions until the transaction in which the SP is running
commits. So whatever is happening here, it is >not what you think it is.

I have already tested the new version of firebird, but I think it is not my
part to understand everything how firebird works. MSSQL I can install in
every version, except new functions everything works in a new version like
before. Unfortunately I cannot test everything like in the production
environment, the customer can work but I cannot understand why it works in
some cases and in the same situation just not. To test this is very

Yes, I have posted it in the odbc dev, but I got no answer. If MSACCESS call
a stored procedure (which inserts records) and Access waits until this
process ends, it can refresh and get the new data. But why works it in the
most cases and sometimes not? Wrong thinking of me? I hope I can expect that
firebird fundamental works like before, or isn't it? The new architecture
should not have an effect of a stored procedure who inserts some records.

That not all can be perfect have I realized, I have posted some issues how I
see after migrating. Hundreds of tables and stored procedures I cannot test
again and again, if there some more clients connected it should work how one
client. The odbc-driver is the critical component, the old version works
nearly perfect but with fb3 I can determine some problems. The new one works
not good, the performance is bad (slowly compared with the old one) and the
refresh works not in every case.

Thank you Thomas for the link, the post_event sounds like a bug in fb3. This
can happen, but I cannot expect the unexpected and believe in firebird. You
all make a great job, but I only will develop the database, not be a tester
or develop and understand the whole firebird-system. A table should work
like a table and the odbc-connection should not work worse like before. We
uses the newest version of MSAccess and as it appears, the very old gemini
odbc driver works better than the newest of firebird-development.

How can I post a "rational" problem when it is random one? I test it, in my
freetime too, will make a great job, but how can I win when even the simply
things don’t work again? All other components (mfc, c++) works, expect the
post_event. Yes, we are using the fbclient.dll from the fb3.0.

I already read the documentation, but once more, It works mostly, but there
are some things how works unreliable. And I have brought a helping hand -
fb-support. The actual complications could I not see by testing without the
real environment by using a few connections. Mostly it works good, but how I
said, not reliable.

Helen, thank you for your support.