Subject Firebird 3.0 and GDS32.DLL

I have succesfully installed Firebird 3.0 on my home computer.
I can use our program. We have 3 main programs. Two are using IBX component and the last uses IBObjects.
On my local mashine it runs smoothly.

I have then installed Firebird 3.0 alongside Firebird 2.5 and 2.1 on a server.
Using Database Workbench I can connect to all 3 types of databases. No problem.

But the moment I try to start any program, I get this instantly:

Exception EIBClientError in module EasyPOSSalg.EXE at 001ED40.
Interbase library gds32.dll not found in the path. PLease install Interbase to use this functionality.

I have located gds32.dll in my Windows\System32 folder.
I have tried taking FBClient.DLL from FB3.0 and copy and rename to same folder.
I have tried taking the gds32.dll from my local machine.
All ends with the same.

The gds32.dll has a size of 1.739.776. Same as FBClient.DLL

What am I missing here?