Subject SELECT WITH LOCK, WAIT transaction, deadlock
Author Gabor Boros
Hi All,

I tested the WITH LOCK feature in July of 2014 with 3.0 and a simple
application and works like a charm. Now I want to use it in production
but the same test app give deadlocks. The database contains one table
with one row and a BIGINT field increased by 1 500 times by the test
app. In 2014 started the test app in 10 instances when all finished the
BIGINT field value is 5000. Now 3 instances enough to got deadlock after
some time. Is this a bug? If I know correctly a wait transaction wait
forever and not give any error on lock conflict. The used transaction is
read committed no record version (MON$ISOLATION_MODE is 3,
MON$LOCK_TIMEOUT is -1). Tried with SuperServer (Linux 64bit and Windows