Subject FB 3.0, how to get IDENTITY of last inserted row
Author Zoran



In FB 2.5 I am using


insert into MyTable (col1, col2) values(val1, val2) returning Id


where Id is autoinc column (sequence generator + before insert trigger).


How do I do it in FB 3.0? It doesn’t like “returning Id”. It displays this error: SQLDA error. Wrong number of parameters (expected 1, got 0)


I have Id defined as IDENTITY. Can I get INDENTITY for the last inserted row without using SELECT GEN_ID(generator-name, 0) AS ID FROM RDB$DATABASE ?


I am trying this with Firebird Maestro (supports FB 3) on Win Server 2012 R2. With FB 2.5 all works as expected.



Thank you.