Subject Re: FB 3.0

Can anyone help? I'm trying to upgrade to FB 3 from 2.5.2 (classic) on a Centos 6.3 virtual machine.

Attempting to use gbak (FB 3) to restore the .gdb file (FB 2.5.2) but getting the following error:

gbak: ERROR:Malformed string
gbak: ERROR:Invalid data detected. Use -FIX_FSS_DATA option.

Tried to fix this by doing
/usr/bin/gbak -r -fix_fss_metadata ISO8859_1 -fix_fss_data ISO8859_1 mis_FB2.gbk mis_fixed.gdb

But ended up with the same "Malformed string" error.

Have also tried to create a .gbk file using FB 3, but got the following:
gbak: ERROR:unsupported on-disk structure for file /opt/db/mis.gdb; found 11.2, support 12.0

How to I migrate our FB2 database to using FB3??