Subject FB 3.0
Author Tiberiu Horvath
Support for Users of Firebird Releases
Hi all,
We use FireBird since 1.0 and develop programs with Delphi (recently upgraded to D10 Seattle). We use plain IBX components to connect to the FB server in a few big accounting programs. Tried to play with FB3.0 RC1 and installed it on port 3051 for testing, alongside FireBird 2.5.4 on port 3050.
Our problem is that Delphi (the IDE) connects to the new server / ODS database, also IBExpert connects to the new server / database but the programs, on runtime, does not. Can we specify somewhere (params in TIBDatabase / TIBTransaction) the path / file of the client dll for Firebird / Interbase ?  Probably the app cannot load the proper dll (FB3.0) on statup.
Anybody using Delphi and IBX could connect to FB3.0 with their programs ? Are these compatible ? Is there something we could do ? Upgrading to FireDAC or IBO is our last option.
Thank you,
PS backup and restore from ODS 11.x to OSD 12.0 is not a problem, since we could install both versions (2.5.4 and 3.0) and automate the process.