Subject General: connect firebird server from local network

Dear Madam/Gentleman,

I know my question is very naive, but I spent long time to search through internet and can’t get answer.

1. Firebird Server runs at PC-A (eg. IP: And Database file is copied in this PC.

2. DB-application will run at PC-B. Both are linked to same network.

3. Modified aliases.conf to configure Database file for Firebird Server.

    Tested aliases.conf by running DB-application in PC-A, it can access Database file properly.
4. Copied fbclient.dll & firebird.conf into same folder as DB-application in PC-B.

As my understand, my application should work like this:

     DB-Application @ PC-B
-> fbclient.dll
-> Pickup Firebird Server IP/Name from firebird.conf
-> Firebird Server @ PC-A
-> Pickup Database file alias from aliases.conf
-> Databasefile.fdb

My question is:

How to configure firebird.conf (or another config file?) to let fbclinet.dll know where Firebird Server is?


Best regards,