Subject FB 3.0
Author Tiberiu Horvath
Support for Users of Firebird ReleasesHi all,

Currently using FB 2.5.5 but starting tests with the new FB 3.0 .

A few questions :

1. The new ODS (12) is not compatible with older (<=11.2) so, according to
we have to do a manual backup on 2.5.5 and a restore on 3.0.
It says that “A legacy provider for databases with ODS 8 to 11.2 is planned
for a future sub-release.”

This means that (I have some 100+ databases in use at some of my clients) I
should wait for a way to access these ODS 11.2 databases from FB 3.0 ? It
would be perfect ...

2. Anybody tested code with with FB 3.0 and Delphi and IBX ? Any problems ?
Can IBX properly access the boolean fields in FB 3.0 ?

Congratulations for this new release,