Subject db corruption
Author Andrew Zenz

Hi everyone.


Due to some failing hardware and my tardiness to move the FB server elsewhere, our development databases have become corrupt.


This isn’t a big deal as we/I can create new ones (the metadata has been backed up and we have plenty of client data to use), but I have taken it as a challenge to learn more about recovering a corrupt database.


I have used gfix and gbak, as well as DBWorkbench but try as I might, I cannot repair the database.


For both databases while running gbak:

gbak -user sysdba -password masterkey -b -ig -l corrupt.fdb corruptbak.fbk –v

I get the error:

gbak: ERROR:internal Firebird consistency check (decompression overran buffer (179), file: sqz.cpp l

ine: 239)

gbak: ERROR:gds_$receive failed

gbak:Exiting before completion due to errors

gbak: ERROR:internal Firebird consistency check (can't continue after bugcheck)


When I run gfix on both:

gfix -user sysdba -password masterkey -validate -full -no_update corrupt.fdb

I get the error:

internal Firebird consistency check (cannot find tip page (165), file: tra.cpp line: 2375)


For those in the know, is this a recoverable error? 

Should I cut my losses and create a new DB?

Any tips or tricks I could try?


I can pump some (most) of the data from them but hit errors on some tables (unfortunately large important ones) .  One DB is 1.3Gb, the other is over 11Gb.


I am using WI-V2.5.3.26780 Firebird 2.5 ODS 11.2




Andrew Zenz