Subject Re: UDF install in FB3.0 RC2
Thanks Vlad for the suggestion. The file c:\windows\system32\msvcr100.dll is already present.
Does freeUDFLib.dll need gds32.dll? I am using freeUDFLib.dll with several DB files and explicitly tell the connection software to use fbclient.dll. I do have gds32.dll on the client PC. In testing freeUDFLib.dll workd correctly in FB 2..5.x with gds32 or fbclient with fb2.5.x.

The error I am getting, repeated here for convenience is:
invalid token. invalid BLR request at offset 45.
function F_YEAR is not defined.
module name or entry point could not be found.

Recall. ib_udf.dll (with fb3rc2) installs OK. When I swap this file with fb2.5.5 ib_udf.dll, it also fails with the same error for a different function.

However fbvlad reports "Just tried ib_udf.dll from v2.5.6 and old FreeUDFLib.dll with FB3 - no problem found." So the problem is mine ... somewhere.

Vlad, are you using fb3rc2?