Subject Re: UDF install in FB3.0 RC2
By experiments mentioned in this thread, UDF dlls that worked in FB 1 and 2 and not able to be used in FB 3 RC2.I am using 32 bit files.

DLLs working in FB2.x can be placed in the FB3RC3 UDF folder and installed.
"extractyear" is in rfunc.dll, used OK in FB2.x.
When used in a FB3RC2 test, such as "select extractyear(current_date) from rdb$database" the call fails. 

ib_idf.dl comes with fb3rc2 and its "rtrim" works in fb3rc2. If I replace the ib_udf.dll (with FB3) with ib_udf.dll (from FB2.x) then rtrim fails.

So there is some requirement for UDF dlls in FB3RC2 which the dlls in FB2.x, at least the ones I have used, do not meet and they fail to work with FB3RC2.

Can someone who understands this suggest solutions?