Subject Re: Re: Re: [firebird-support] timestamp of the firebird database (modified date) does not change in fb 3.0 RC2
Author Mark Rotteveel
On 2016-03-11 13:49, liviuslivius liviuslivius@...
[firebird-support] wrote:
>>> 11.03.2016 12:59, liviuslivius liviuslivius@...
>> [firebird-support] wrote:
>> > > i can confirm this - database modified datatime is frozen when
>> first connection has started.
>> > > i suppose that you should raport ticket into the firebird
>> tracker.
>> >
>> > This ticket rather belongs to Windows tracker.
>> >
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>> > WBR, SD.
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> Hi,
> is this possible that this is not Microsoft error?

It is not an error, it is intentional behavior. Otherwise each and
every byte changed inside a file would trigger (and commit) a timestamp
modification which is bad for performance, and might lead to wear on the
underlying storage (which for example for SSD might be problematic).

> e.g some caching (like forced write) i have it enabled and changes
> should go into database immidietly
> But e. when i delete table definition - database file timestamp has
> not changed.
> But if i had created big index then DT was changed.

That is probably because the first did not add new pages to the
database file but only made some changes in existing pages, and the
second required addition of new pages which required Windows to allocate
additional clusters to the file, and therefor had to update the
filesystem information anyway, so it also updated the timestamps. As
quoted in the documentation in my previous mail, Windows only guarantees
updates of the timestamps when the handle is closed.