Subject Re: AW: AW: [firebird-support] coalesce bug in fb 3.0 rc2?
Author Arno Brinkman

> your are right. But in FB 3, it will be handled different.
> I need the left join tlager_sum, because I’d like to have all records too
> there no records in tlager_sum.
> But in this case I get now in fb 3 the tteile.teilenr clean without the
> amaount of tlager_sum (the a.minb is greater than the coalesce(b.menge,0)
> and in this case, I get no referenced Record from tlager_sum), the one
> from tteile now in every case (left join).
> Finally, I would get all records with a.minb > b.menge and all records,
> where a.minb is present an there is no record from the teilenr in
> tlager_sum.

Please, give some DDL with example data.
I've tried to reproduce your issue on FB3.0 RC2, but i could not reproduce

Kind Regards,
Arno Brinkman