Subject coalesce bug in fb 3.0 rc2?
Author Checkmail



in the further version of firebird I can execute the following and get the real value of m (exists in tlager_sum)


select a.teilenr, a.bezeichnung, a.minb, coalesce(b.menge,0) as m, a.typ

from tteile a left join tlager_sum b on (a.teilenr = b.teilenr)

   where ((a.minb > coalesce(b.menge,0))

  and (a.typ = 1)) order by a.teilenr


In any case when it is no amount in the table tlager_sum (null), it should seen as 0 (not present) and if the minimum amount iss higher..


But, since fb 3 I get 0, why? The tlager_sum has for many records a mass. If I change to


   a.minb > b.menge


it works for these records, but not for any with no amount.


What can be the issue?




Best regards