Subject AW: different behavior firebird 3.0 RC2
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One hint,


the trigger is required because the user can delete the one record, in this case the trigger deletes the referenced too. But if I delete the entire Order, the record will be delete twice. How can I solve this in fb 3?


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Betreff: different behavior firebird 3.0 RC2


Hello again,


now I have in FB3 a problem. A stored Procedure should delete some records.


ID     some fields  ID_AUTOINSERT

123    xxx             null

234   xxx             null

255   xxx             266

266   xxx             null


Now there is a trigger after delete in this table who deletes:

 if(old.ap = 69) then


    delete from tplan_kw_pos where id_autoinsert =;



In this case, FB will delete the record with ID 266 during deleting ID 255 and the other statement intends to delete the record 266 too.


Now in FB 3 RC 2 I get this error message:


can't format message 13:492 -- message file C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\firebird.msg not found.

no current record for fetch operation.


In FB 2.55, FB2.1 this was not a problem.


How can I fix?