Subject Re: UDF install in FB3.0 RC2
Thank you Dimitry for the hint. Using DatabaseWorkbench I instruct the server in which FB3 is installed to use fbclient.dll that comes with FB3. So I am using the this fbClient.dll with all databases I am testing with FB3.

The freeUDFLib.dll file is working fine with FB2.5.x on another server. I am using FB3(32) on a distinct server, having no other FB engine on the server with FB3(32) on it.

However on this server I first installed FB3 RC2 (64) and saw my database managers were 32 bit so I uninstalled FB3 (64). After seeing the errors I am having I wondered if some residue was left from FB3(64)? I deleted the "Firebird" folder for "program files" where FB3(64) was installed. I looked in the registry for "firebird" and saw nothings suspicious, but I am not competent to assess this residue question.