Subject Re: UDF install in FB3.0 RC2
Author Dmitry Yemanov
09.03.2016 05:11, russell@... [firebird-support] wrote:
> Adding UDFs to databases in FB 3.0 RC2 is giving an error when using any
> function in the added UDF. The UDFs packaged with FB3 are OK.
> To the EMPLOYEE db packaged with FB3.0 RC2 I can add UDF fbudf.dll,
> which is packaged with FB3 and its functions select values OK. I have
> also installed ib_udf.dll.
> I have also installed two UDFs not packaged with FB3 into the UDF folder
> and when testing (eg. "select extractyear(current_date from rdb$database
> ") the engine gives error "function extractyear is not defined. module
> name or entrypoint could not be found."
> Extractyear is in rfunc.dll. The other DLL with the same problem is
> freeUDFLib.dll.

It looks like some system problem. IIRC, rfunc.dll depends on
fbclient.dll, it must be available (maybe deployed to %system%). Also,
it could be a MS runtime issue, FB3 is dynamically linked to msvcr10.dll
while those UDFs may have different requirements.

Do you test FB3 on the same system where FB2.5 runs successfully with
these UDFs or on a different system?