Subject ODP: Re: [firebird-support] How to optimize queries on field state
Author liviuslivius

1. select first 100 ... from my_state_table
2. delete from my_state_table ;-) after this your query will be very fast ;-)

Ask self. Did i describe my problem for others that they can help me. The answer is NO

show us reall query, query plan, statistics...

Karol Bieniaszewski

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Od: "Germán Balbi balger@... [firebird-support]" <>
Data: 03.02.2016 17:24 (GMT+01:00)
Temat: Re: [firebird-support] How to optimize queries on field state


The idea is the following.
Have products and services that pass through different states (order, committed, reviewed, approved, slope, bill, invoice), these may belong to a period or many (period = months).
The filter may include the client query or not.

La idea es la siguiente.
Tengo productos y servicio que pasan por distintos estados (pedido, comprometido,revisado, aprovado, pendiente, a facturar, facturado), estos pueden pertenecer a un periodo o a muchos (periodo=meses).
El filtro del query puede incluir el cliente o no.

El Miércoles, 3 de febrero, 2016 12:23:31, "Thomas Steinmaurer ts@... [firebird-support]" <> escribió:

> I have a state machine (workflow) implemented on a table a couple of
> million records and growing.
> I have crated an index on the "state" field. The possible states are
> very few (5 to 10). Obviously selectivity index is terrible. As I can
> optimize the query?

Hard to say without seeing an actual query ...

Is the state field the only one used to filter the result set?

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