Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: NEXT VALUE FOR on Firebird 3.0.1 32bit Windows 7 32bit
Author Roland Turcan
<<< 22.12.2016 7:20 - Dmitry Yemanov dimitr@... [firebird-support] "" >>>
DYdusnfs> 21.12.2016 12:39, Roland Turcan wrote:
>> But still, why this problem occurred? Why didn't some generators have
>> it =1?

DYdusnfs> Could that database be migrated from some pre-release (e.g. Beta) v3
DYdusnfs> build without backup/restore?

Dmitry, I used an empty database made with backup/restore from 2.5.6
to 3.0.1. I did this step many times and this is the only one with
this issue. I will inform you, when this happens again.

Best regards, TRoland