Subject NEXT VALUE FOR on Firebird 3.0.1 32bit Windows 7 32bit
Author Roland Turcan

I have installed new clean database to new customer having FB3.0.1
32bit running on Windows7Pro 32bit. He was complaining that he is not
able to add new record into some parts of our software. I have
connected to his computer and made backup/restore and aligned all
generators to MAX(ID) to be sure they are correct. But he still had
some troubles then I started to investigate what the hell is going on.
I have found, that on his "server" is NEXT VALUE FOR not incrementing
generator value, but places where GEN_ID is used instead are working
I have tried to reproduce this on 32bit XP with the same version of
FB, but in my case it was running fine.

Does anybody have this kind of trouble?

PS: Until I find the reason for this trouble I had to change all NEXT
VALUE FOR to GEN_ID as I was using it for years.

Best regards, TRoland