Subject connecting to an existing firebird database using new user id/pw


Seems simple enough i shouldn't need to ask BUT i can't get it to work

i have a database created and access on Firebird for years.

i've always used the id/pw sysdba/masterkey

all i want to do is:

change my delphi IBO Objects tIBConnection.username to 'mynewuser'

and .password to 'mynewpassword'

i am not sure what to use in .SQLROLE?  i've tried 'RDB$ADMIN'  and leaving it blank 

on the computer with the database? using gsec i've run:

gsec -user sysdba -pass masterkey -add mynewuser-pw mynewpassword -admin yes

now, when i try and connect the TIB_Connection, i get this error message:

"could not open tableA table

isc error code 335544352

no permission for read/select access to table tableA"

no surprise, i've got a customer that doesn't want to use the sysdba/masterkey connection id/pw 

so all i'm trying to do is add a new one...

i've google the heck outta this and can't figure it out.

what am i missing? 

thanks in advance